Embed FreshyMap Into Your Website

It's the holidays and, well, we just love you guys, so we thought we'd provide a brief instructional post on how to embed FreshyMap into your own website or blog. It's as simple as clicking copy & paste! And if you like to tinker, you can mess with some of our URL parameters.

Here's what you'll need to copy/paste into your website:

 <iframe width=700 height=500 src="http://freshymap.com/?embed=true"></iframe>

And here's how it'll look:

URL parameters

These parameters will allow you to center the map on any location and remove some of the information that is custom to freshymap itself (like the login and contact forms).

Here's an example of how you might personalize your FreshyMap:

 <iframe width=700 height=500 src="http://freshymap.com/?embed=true&lat=42&lon=-123&zoom=6"></iframe> 

As you can see, the map directs you to latitude 42, longitude -123 and a zoom level of 6. In other words, this map takes you directly to the northwest United States. If you have any questions about how this feature works please feel free reach out to us at team@freshymap.com

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